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Spring Cleaning

San Antonio Spring Cleaning

What is the Spring Cleaning?

  •  The Spring Cleaning was designed to get the deep dirt and dust build up out of your home. The spring cleaning is the perfect option if your house is in need of a heavy cleaning.

Why would I want this cleaning?

  • Most houses don’t receive the cleaning attention they need. Baseboards are left dirty, refrigerators smell bad, and the mold buildup in your shower becomes part of the family. The Spring Cleaning takes care of those neglected areas and much more.

When should I get the Spring Cleaning? 

  • Most of our customers get the Spring Cleaning as their initial cleaning, then use the Maintenance Cleaning for follow up. Every house needs a deep cleaning every few months.
  • Having a party or guests stay with you? The Spring Cleaning is commonly used by people who need to quickly get their house into shape before their company arrives.
  • Coming home to a professionally, deep cleaned house will make your day a whole lot better, and give you time to do the things you love.

Spring Cleaning San Antonio

Allow our maids to do the deep scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting and mopping for you. From baseboards, to appliances, to ceilings fans and more – the spring cleaning will leave your house smelling fresh and shining like never before.

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