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Maid Service

10 Tips on Hiring a San Antonio Maid Service.
These ten tips will help you find a quality maid service in San Antonio, TX.
1. How long has the company been in business and who owns it.
Bad maid services do not last long. A locally owned service has roots in the city. A franchise tends to change owners frequently and are usually more expensive due to franchise costs. The White Glove Maid Service has been locally owned in San Antonio since 1982.

2. Check with the Better Business Bureau.
A company with unresolved complaints is a sign of trouble. The White Glove Maid Service in San Antonio maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

3. Does the company hire maids as employees or contract labor?
Contract labor leaves you responsible for taxes. The White Glove Maid Service NEVER uses contract labor. Our maids are all employees.

4. Does the company carry bonding and liability insurance?
Insurance is important, but your biggest protection is who the company hires in the first place. Some maid services are so desperate for workers they will hire anyone who walks in the door. The White Glove Maids are all bonded and insured. All our maid service employees are carefully screened.

5. How are the maids hired and trained?
A vigorous training and hiring program encourages quality and honesty. Our maids undergo a vigorous training program. Before they can work for our maid service they must have a good work history. All potential house cleaners must have good references. Each potential maid goes through a four day training program. This includes on the job training. Finally after getting approved by the maid service training supervisor is the maid allowed to begin work.

6. Do they answer the phone when you call?
If you get an answering service now, how will you contact someone if you have a problem? When you call our maid service you will reach a live person most of the time. Any missed calls are promptly called back.

7. How are complaints handled?
A reputable company will give you some guarantee of quality. If one of our maids has a complaint we do our best to make the customer happy and correct any cleaning deficiencies.

8. Are there any hidden charges? Are they willing to give you an estimate over the phone? An in home estimate usually ends up costing you higher fees.
Ask for the total before you sign up.  We always give free maid service phone estimates.

9. Can you have references?
Get at least three and call them. We have been doing San Antonio house cleaning since 1982! We have years of references for our maids.

10. Was the office staff helpful and courteous?
If they aren’t now, wait until you have a problem! Our office staff is trained to be attentive to your needs. Call now and give us a chance to earn your business – 210-342-3878.