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5 Best Maid Services in San Antonio, TX – Costs and Reviews

5 Best Maid Services San Antonio

5 Best Maid Services in San Antonio, TX


1. The White Glove Maid Service (210-342-3878)

The White Glove Maid Service is located in San Antonio, Texas and has been providing quality maids at an affordable price since 1982. The White Glove Maid Service has always been locally owned and operated since its founding by Michael Baird and has over 150 reviews on Google.

“This company was awesome and thorough! They did a great job at a great price I would highly recommend them! We moved out and used their services it gave us peace of mind to know we were leaving the place cleaner than we found it!”—Mickel Santana

2. Maid Affordable (Call for estimate)

3. Maid Easy (Call for estimate)

4. Maid Pro (Call for estimate)

5. The Maids (Call for estimate)